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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Capitulation Was Inevitable

The deed has been done. The entry is in. I told L to wait until nearer the time but it just couldn’t be done. Once they’d sent one of those psychologically disturbing emails saying entries were still open ‘for a short while longer’, capitulation was inevitable. We know they’re lying because they’re always lying but there’s always that nagging suspicion that one day they may actually be telling the truth. Anyway the Manchester run has been entered.

Cue a torrent of ‘OMG’ and ‘what have I done’ type texts from Daughter. The sort of ones I normally get from L.

I now need to start practicing my best ever, most tactful ever, most encouraging, cheerleading.  One wrong word could end up in a torrent of abuse, if either of them can talk.

Today is spent on the park and doing a little DIY. Only a very little for me but I let L paint and plaster to her hearts content.

(Sunday 9th November)

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