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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I get the bus to work in this morning and then take the afternoon off, heading up to Sheffield by train. Today’s the big day, Daughter’s graduation. For which she seems to have the appropriate level of nerves. L gets Daughter’s stepmother to force a glass of wine down her. The weather is appropriately Yorkshire. Wet.

Whilst everyone is sipping wine, we are sent for tights. We always get the best jobs.

The event is at Sheffield City Hall, which is a fairly plush venue. After the usual gown fitting and appropriately expensive photographs we head into the hall for the appropriately over long ceremony. Although I think it was swifter than Warwick’s for Son.

After we sit in the Old House with the longed for wine/beer and have a meal. Although the menu has been decimated by the graduation hordes that have got there before us. Somewhere around about dessert, the two girls decide they need a green smiley face on their training plans. Well Daughter decides and L is dragged along for a run despite two very large glasses of wine.

(Wednesday 12th November)

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