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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Not Quite As Warm As It Looks

I was only twenty minutes late for work this morning, which wasn’t too bad for the bus. The M1 queue was tailing all the way back to QMC and probably beyond.

I attempt a run. Well, more of a 3k hobble. It wasn’t great and I conclude that the knee is not ready for anything like a 10k yet. I was also wheezing like a cart horse. Which I will put down to the not quite as warm as it looks weather rather than chronic unfitness.

Afterwards the knee doesn’t feel too bad... perhaps it has helped. All will become clear when I hobble into town later as I’m meeting a mate for a few beers. We stay in the Brunswick before moving to the Antibos nearby.

I eat way too much and lie dying on the bed later where L thinks, well, that I’m dying.

(Tuesday 25th November)

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