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Monday, 24 November 2014

Swim For All

The story of a dog called Arthur who tacked on to the Swedish team in the 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship in Ecuador hits the press. It’s refreshing to see that it’s not just Doggo who tries to join in such events. Amazingly the team still finished 12th out of 50 but of course the article doesn’t mention important stuff like that.

Tonight’s dog training was called off yesterday such is the quantity of rain we’ve had, so I head off for a swim instead.

Tonight’s ‘Swim for All’ session is a more inclusive than Wednesdays. I share one of the two lanes with a young lady who is most certainly a Russian honey trap agent, either that or I have read one too many spy novels. I concede that she might not even be Russian, as I’m not great with foreign languages. She could be Croatian or Polish or something. She might not even be a spy I suppose.

She powers me on to 38 rapid lengths until a chap gets in our lane and starts floating on his back in the centre of it. This is where you expect the pool attendants to spring to life and fish him out with a big net but they don’t. I’m surprised because he is endangering not on his own Health & Safety but that of my Russian friend and I as well.

Dominika aborts and moves into the other lane. I swim around him to hurriedly complete my 50.

The coffee machine still isn’t working.

(Monday 24th November)

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