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Thursday, 6 November 2014

That Weekend Really Didn’t Seem Very Long Did It

On the bike and today the temperature dips below zero. It’s not quite chipping your fingers off the handlebars cold but I did wish I’d put my thermal booties on to keep my toes warm.

Despite the chill, it was a glorious morning. I hope it stays this way for the rest of the winter, much better than that rubbish they call summer.

As its Monday it must be squash, that weekend really didn’t seem very long did it, or perhaps they’ve actually booked us in on the right day this time.

Despite a bad knee (again), I give it a go. Amazingly I almost win and have five match points to win 3-2, all of which he saves and finally beats me. For once, I'm actually disappointed.

(Thursday 6th November)

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