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Friday 14 November 2014

Possible Pneumonia

A combination of my new acquired bad back and the foul weather forces me on the bus this morning. Still, not only did I get soaked catching it but it was late as well then stuck in traffic, so I arrived fifteen minutes late for work. On the plus side, the walk did my back good although I may now have pneumonia.

Nottingham launches a bid to be named City Of Literature, not sure about that one.

Tonight, a treat. L has got some of what she calls ‘the dreaded fat + sugar combo’ e.g. white chocolate and also some salted caramel 'slag' chocolate to take the taste away afterwards. This is because I have been extolling the virtues of white chocolate and I can see she’s intrigued but even I have to admit the one she’s sourced is pretty unremarkable.

At least I can’t say she doesn't give these things a go, even if I did have to practically hold her nose and force it down. 

The Salford Swim entries are now open. This is an event both L and I fancy doing next year. L is also keen to get Daughter involved. Although I don’t think telling her she’s got two events, in different disciplines, to train for as well as study, work etc etc would go down terribly well at the moment.

(Friday 14th November)

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