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Sunday 22 March 2015

42 Degrees

L refuses all requests of a race this morning. Ok. Best stay in bed then.

With the Derby Velodrome, sorry Arena, now open we decide to pay a visit. I thought this was going to be their open weekend but I got my dates mixed up, that’s next weekend but still they let us. We even went over and picked up my parents so that they could have a look.

It's impressive. I think even L is thinking about getting her leg over a fixie and going for a plummet down the 42 degree banking. In fact it looks more than 42 degrees. Perhaps that’s why she was so keen to down a bottle of wine between us later.

That has to wait until after the gym. Even I do a session, a tough 10k mostly standing bike session and some weights. My legs ache more afterwards than after a week of cycling to work, no wonder I need to soak them in wine.

(Sunday 22nd March)

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