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Saturday 14 March 2015

An Emotional Reunion

While in Manchester L becomes a park run tourist and then heads home nursing blisters on her hands from the ape walks she did last night. This was in an exercise class and without the aid of alcohol apparently. What did they get up to?

It is our first dog show for some months today and MD clearly relished the return to competition with a clear round in his first run. We are 7th, missing the rosettes by two places.

In fact the little tyke is very good all day and it’s not often I say that. His other two runs weren’t clear but they were still very good. We missed a contact as I pushed him for a quick time (so my fault) and then had a pole down in the other.

We even finish before lunch and are home in time to listen to Derby’s 1-1 draw at Norwich. Then we head off to the train station for an emotional on platform reunion with L.

(Saturday 14th March)

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