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Sunday 8 March 2015

Objectifying Female Flesh

On International Women's Day, L drags herself out of bed (and me and the dogs) to do the Weston 5 Mile Race because this girl can. Thankfully this is not a women’s only race, so does not discriminate against men. The Guardian would not approve.

L and I had a good chuckle when the Guardian had something to say about the 'This Girl Can' campaign and criticised it for objectifying female flesh. Although what really got their goat was the referring to women as girls. Tell that to my Grandma who was a ‘girl’ right up to when she died at 98. I think from the comments on the article they called it very wrong, not that they’ll care.

Afterwards we go for Sunday Lunch at Malt Shovel on the Wharf in Shardlow. The New Inn isn’t busy but all the tables are reserved. The food at the Malt Shovel is good but sadly, for a pub that once was known for its ale, the beer is not. A multitude of lagers adorn the bar and that’s not something you see very often these days anywhere.

(Sunday 8th March)

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