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Friday 20 March 2015


On the bike again, I pretty much need to do three days every week from now on until my Half Ar*** Ironman.

Today all the young ladies from the call centre across the road are out in the street staring at the sky in their sunglasses and short skirts. That last bit is irrelevant but thought I’d mention it anyway. We just have a peer out of the window.

We also looked at the eclipse but mainly on the BBC, who are mostly on jollies to the Isle Of Lewis and the Faroes to watch it. Both looked impressive.

Someone here is constructing something with two pieces of card and a pencil. It makes you wish you’d paid more attention during Blue Peter but it doesn’t work anyway. L mentions that if you missed all the action you can reproduce the TV images with a Malteser and a torch. Clearly she did pay attention.

Derby have another game tonight and lose again, despite dominating. They simply can’t score at the moment with both their main strikers out injured and then got caught on the break. Not looking good.

(Friday 20th March)

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