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Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Proper Old School Kick About

The front end of the car has been rattling away merrily for the last few weeks and today I decide I can’t ignore it any longer. One of the likely causes would have been the front suspension springs and this does indeed turn out to be the culprit. They only fit these things in pairs which is sort of sensible, for their balance sheet as well as for the customer.

They also present me with a list of other things that they recommend I spend money on. I decline whilst wondering if they have secretly charged me for the full MOT they seem to have performed without my permission and without handing over the certificate, as none of their list are failures.

At least I managed to walk from the garage to work, so I’ve done some exercise.

There’s a match tonight, a proper old school kick about, tackles flying in etc, between Derby and Middlesbrough. Both are in the promotion frame. Derby’s bad run continues and they lose to the only goal of the game scored by Patrick Bamford, who was with Derby last season.

Perhaps if we go into the play offs in bad form we’ll win them... seemed to work for QPR last season.

Back home Doggo doesn’t seem to miss me as much as he did L when she stopped out and appears to be fast asleep on his mat when I get home.

(Tuesday 17th March)

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