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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Coffee, Toast And Balls

Parkrun this morning. The boys and I tag along for coffee, toast and balls. We are deeply honoured that L can fit us into her busy schedule.

Coffee and toast goes well, balls less so. The boys lose theirs in the car park, in the deeply sloping busy car park. They have to be despatched back into the car whilst I go scrabbling on my knees trying to find out under which cars they have wedged themselves.

We’re all so exhausted after that, we have to go back to bed in the afternoon.

In the evening, not fancying anything that’s on at the cinema we head to the Falcon for drinks. The Tuck isn’t on but instead they have Black Beauty Milk Stout as part of Nottingham’s Stout and Porter trail. The Stout and Porter trail is a very good idea but now that most pubs as stocking one such beer all year round it would be good to see places like the Falcon stocking an additional whilst the trail is on.

We move on eventually for the sake of variety but the Borlase next door fails miserably to have a decent trail offering so we finish up in Hand & Heart. Then we pick up curry from Park Tandoori on the way home. One of those perfect beer, sex and curry days.

(Saturday 21st March)

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