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Thursday 26 March 2015


Opponent cancels squash again, more back trouble. He seems to know when I’m going to be in the car. If I’d been on the bike it would have been on but I’d have been exhausted.

The Portland Centre are more than happy to roll the booking forward two weeks as we’re on holiday next week. The council would never have done that without a major tantrum.

This change of plan will also upset L’s planned run and I will have to shove her out of the door later.

In a way I’m not too upset I haven’t cycled, it is blowing a gale outside. There are even flurries of snow about. Apparently they’re having a bit more than a flurry in Switzerland, which is where we’ll be tomorrow.

At work we receive an email from our new neighbours saying that they are moving in soon and would like their parking spaces back. Let the chaos commence. I may not be able to park when I get back.

(Thursday 26th March)

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