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Wednesday 4 March 2015

A Difficult Transition For Ageing Paws

My second day this week on the bike but it is much tougher than yesterday, a ferocious headwind batters me all the way into work. At least it stays dry and I am so far puncture-less this week.

The transition to upstairs living has mostly gone well, it is only really Doggo who has found it difficult to adjust and we had a bit of an incident this morning with him sliding down the stairs again. Ageing paws do not grip well on wooden steps. Fortunately if you follow him up, you can catch him but I think we best get some stair treds sorted.

Another adjustment has been juggling mugs of coffee to take upstairs. L has now bought a little tea tray and a little milk jug as well. We are so cultured.

Dog class tonight and a rendezvous with L in pub afterwards.

(Wednesday 4th March)

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