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Friday 13 March 2015

Wobble Boarders

It’s Friday the 13th for the second month in a row. Perhaps not a good omen to bike but it’s a lot warmer than on Tuesday and Wednesday. It didn’t rain on me either.

I suppose a Friday 13th style disaster could have occurred with one of the Wobble Boarders that are about advertising pizza but they have now been removed.

They've been all over the place this week and one of the ones at Priory Island nearly did have me off my bike earlier this week as he jiggled up and down at the pedestrian crossing. I’m not sure the advertising works. It certainly puts me off going to Dominos.

I arrive home unscathed and a wild night in with the boys awaits. L has gone up to Manchester for an overnighter with Daughter. So we are left to console ourselves over a few tinnies and a take away curry. I mean a green salad.

In the end we live it up in style and watch Crufts. Well I do, the dogs don’t seem that interested. As well as Utopia, which they also don’t take much interest in.
She can take Doggo with her next time. He couldn’t sleep and wouldn’t stay upstairs. He wanted to wait by the front door. I had to block the doorway to our chic new open plan room with a couple of chairs. Perhaps, with hindsight, taking the door off was a mistake.

(Friday 13th March)

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