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Friday 25 September 2015

Good Morning Fellow Cyclist

It’s not often I greet L with ‘good morning fellow cyclist’, in fact I can’t actually recall when the last time was but today I do.

Yes, it's true. She mounted her trusty steed this morning and went to Harvey Hadden for a swim. I’m not sure when this will be repeated as it has since been described as a faff.

The swims up at Harvey’s are apparently just as quiet as the ones at John Carroll. Not surprising really, as it must be harder for most to get to in the morning. I need to give it a go myself though, particularly as there are still no evening sessions there. As L would say, I must sort myself out.

Not today though, at the moment I’m still tapering, feeling totally undertrained and beginning to wonder what I’m going to do with all this excess energy I’m building up.

The tree men are back and we are now (almost) a one tree family from being a five tree one. They haven’t quite finished, so the boss man will pop back tomorrow. It all looks OK, a good job really as I’d hate to have to ask them to put them back up.

L meanwhile has sneaked off to Waterstones, with her hands tied firmly behind her back I hope. Although she says I’d be amazed at what she can do with her hands tied behind her back. Sounds like something worth finding out.

(Friday 25th September)

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