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Tuesday 8 September 2015


On the bike today despite the weather which is a tad damp again but it's still great fun. L finds my enjoyment of this ritual strangely incomprehensible, whether the weather is dry or not. Mind you I find the concept of a brilliant swim equally incomprehensible and apparently she has one of them this morning.

MD has a bit of a 'treat' this morning, his booster jab at the vets. L takes him and he is terrified rigid into total submission, meaning he is a complete lamb. It’ll be a different story next month when it’s Doggo’s turn. The vet won’t find that one so easy.

L does have a problem with their rather steeply banked car park though and scrapes the car. Oh dear.

I attempt to fake annoyance and secretly hope to find her pliantly making it up to me tonight. Unfortunately she knows I’m not terribly car proud and proposes a couple of strokes of Dulux paint instead.

With no dog training last night we have at least got an extra session tonight as well as our usual session tomorrow. 

(Tuesday 8th September)

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