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Thursday 17 September 2015

Ladies Of Leisure

Somehow, after getting out of bed very late and getting out of the house even later, I still make it to work on time. For reasons known only unto itself the bus turned up on time and even the traffic wasn’t too bad.

I’m not sure whether L is actually going into work today. Well she does, because she pops into the office to email me to tell me about her good long swim, good long book chat with her author friend and the fact she’s now off to a Pilates session during her 11am lunch break. A really lady of leisure while her boss is away.

Squash is a closer game tonight but the score is still the same e.g. I don’t win any games. L meets us in the pub having walked MD there again while I chauffeured Doggo and his injured pride in the car. Injured pride or not, he seems to love it.

(Thursday 17th September)

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