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Friday 4 September 2015

The Sexyist

L reports that she was the sexyist girl in her spin class today, of which I have no doubt. I'm sure she always is. It is however the first time she has acknowledged this fact. 

On further investigation it appears she is taking my banning of the F-word (as in the potentially a little heavier than one should be word) and replacing it will the S-word. Still think she was probably right though.

I have a Level 4 track session tonight, the final step to be a fully accredited track cyclist. If I pass. I promise L that I will cycle carefully and will restrict myself to riding around in little circles.

It’s great fun as usual and includes a race at the end, in which I finish third. I think perhaps I showed my over enthusiastic naivety by sprinting off the front with five laps still to go. 

I pass and can now go belting around any velodrome I like. 

(Friday 4th September)

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