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Sunday 13 September 2015

The Art Of Pre-Injury

For once it is L not me who arrives pre-injured for a race. I have serious doubts about her completing today’s Lichfield 10k but she proves me wrong and does a decent time too.

I’m sort of happy with my own performance but not happy that Lichfield turns out to be far more undulating than I expected. Actually I had expected it to be very flat, how wrong I was. So this is my excuse for my time of 47.09, which really isn’t great.

In the evening we hit the town. First the Blue Monkey bar (again no Chocolate Gorilla) before heading across town to the Lincolnshire Poacher and finally the Peacock for the OP. We pick up an Indian takeaway on the way home. The boys will be pleased about that.

(Sunday 13th September)

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