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Wednesday 9 September 2015

PiYo For The People

L tries to book into the 50m pool hogging Aquafit at Harvey Hadden but is told that they were removing it from their programme. Only one week after opening? Very odd. Still, I refuse to get excited and assume it’s because they are improving their swimming programme.

She consoles herself with something called PiYo, which sounds like a brand of health yoghurt but is actually a cross between Pilates and Yoga. She has two more equally eclectic classes tonight.

I shall remember to contradict her tonight when she says she’s asleep because she’s old... when clearly it’s because she’s knackered.

I’m really glad to be on the bike tonight as I overtake a five mile long traffic queue on the way home, including several people from the office who I give a royal wave to as I pass.

Dog training tonight. L asks me to put the fridge in the car and take it with me. Could be a bit of a logistical problem.

(Wednesday 9th September)

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