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Thursday 10 September 2015

Girls With Prosthetics

L points out to me the case of the girl with the prosthetic penis which is going through court at the moment. A very odd case of a woman who pretended to be a man to trick her female friend into having sex with her. She bound her chest, wore a woolly hat and a swimsuit to disguise her appearance. Then got her friend to wear a blindfold, telling her 'he' was self-conscious about 'his' appearance after hospital treatment. Apparently they ‘dated’ for two years before she found out.

An entertaining game for a Friday night perhaps... can you guess the sex of your own partner while blindfolded?

Our pub lunch today comes with a buy five get one free loyalty card. We'll have some of that. 
Squash is back for the winter months. L walks MD down there whilst Doggo rides in style in the car. I get thrashed, although three days of cycling in my legs didn’t help.

(Thursday 10th September)

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