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Saturday 5 September 2015

Inexplicably Sideways

Today we have a dog show at Thoresby Hall, which is not too far from home. It is MD’s first outing at his new illustrious level of Grade 5, although all today classes are lumped with Grade 4 anyway. So, for today at least, it’s nothing different to what we’re used to.

MD misses the dog walk in both his agility runs, coming off inexplicably sideways on the first one. The second one is very close, so could probably be excused or put down to the judge’s poor eyesight. Otherwise they were good runs.

He is clear on his first jumping course but it is a scrappy run and he is only 6th. Only! He has a pole down in the other jumping run.

Plenty of promise but no delivery today. Doggo has a great day people watching.

Talking of promise, L is apparently out shopping for a denim mini skirt and for a new pair of swimming goggles. Sounds very promising, well the first bit does. Naturally she comes home without the skirt but with the goggles. I think she needs assistance with this shopping lark. 

(Saturday 5th September)

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