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Friday 18 September 2015

Moggies R Us

L at the new Kitty Café on Friar Lane today. Basically it’s a coffee shop that is full of real live cats and they actually charge you more for dining with the moggies whereas if you were deluged with furry friends in any other establishment you’d probably be demanding a deduction from your bill. L is also allergic to cats. Sounds fun.

It turns out it’s a fiver just to get in and once in you’re only allowed an hour. You have to cover our food with some sort of umbrella to keep the moggies off and there's no pussy stroking allowed or else the cat gestapo will have you. Sounds like it’s only for the hardened cat enthusiast then but the honourable aim is to find these cats a home. It would be fun to sneak MD in though...

This trip into town for my lady of leisure is accompanied by another mission failure on the mini skirt front.

I leave work early and pedal madly to get home to make a 6pm appointment with a man about a tree, several trees in fact. I get home for 5.45 but he’s already been and gone. L has already completed negotiations to have almost everything cut down.

(Friday 18th September)

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