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Thursday 17 March 2016

A Difficult Balancing Act

On the bike again.

Today is L's turn to see a physio, who gives her some ‘heavier’ exercises to do ‘until fatigue’ and then repeat. Whatever ‘until fatigue’ means, I’d continue until I collapsed but that’s just me I guess. They’d be no chance of ‘repeat’.

He also pointed out that stopping running when you’re injured just means you’re more likely to get injured again. Which is basically what my mad woman said. It's a difficult balancing act to pull off though, being un-injured enough to run to prevent injury.

Then he told her off for going from 5-7k training up to a half marathon next week. She didn't tell him she'd just done Paris...

L heads to the gym to keep herself out of the fridge and presumably to prevent herself munching on a ‘bag for life’. Doggo recommends them and to be fair it has kept him fit and healthy for 14 years so far. So don’t knock it.

My view changes slightly when I get home to a pile of ‘bag for life’ favoured vomit.

(Thursday 17th March)

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