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Friday 18 March 2016

Hard Evidence

Skoda is refusing food this morning, which kind of incriminates him as the ‘bag for life’ eater. So far we have no hard evidence of which of the dogs it was, we just suspect the old man and MD really isn’t that stupid. I just hope he doesn’t get peckish later, who knows what he’ll munch on next.

L goes to Manchester on the train to play housewives with daughter in her new flat.

At Derby County, Harry Redknapp is appointed advisor to the manager. Sounds a bit of a daft idea to me.

After work I head to the gym to build up some testosterone for later. I do my usual Watt Bike session and then risk 3k on the treadmill. I don’t pull anything.

Back at home, more ‘bag for life’ has returned.

(Friday 18th March)

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