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Wednesday 23 March 2016

A Spot Of Hot Tart

I’m sure Cardiff are well capable of hosting the World Half Marathon Championships but their emails are hopeless. They keep saying click here to see your race number but when I do there is no number. Their system also keep saying that L hasn’t signed a waiver which we have done about three times. Hopefully all this can be sorted out when we’re there. I wonder if Mo Farah has these problems?

L, of course, is hoping we’re not actually in the race and instead of running we can sit with a beer and yap at them all as they pass by. Sounds great but... she doesn’t like being on the side lines. There’s no pleasing some people.

Son finally has his first driving lesson. He says it went ok. Praise indeed.

I have another physio session this evening. It’s not as painful as last time probably because the evil woman is conscious that I have a race in three days’ time and incapacitating me wouldn’t, at this stage, help.

Dog training tonight from which I rush home afterwards on the promise of a spot of hot tart. L does do a nice Bakewell.

(Wednesday 23rd March)

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