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Sunday 20 March 2016

The New Abode

We head to Manchester today to see Daughter’s new abode in Eccles. She now has her own place which is good as she does have a ferocious ability to see off flatmates.

She has no furniture yet, just a blow up mattress and a gym ball. Which is probably all you need but we’re going to order her a bed and her father is going to order her a settee. We do all spoil her. Although her settee isn’t due to be delivered for a month but in the meantime I guess perching on her gym ball will do wonders for her core.

I even show her how to switch her hot water on (I think).

We check out the local pubs and have Sunday Lunch in the Barton Arms, an Ember Inns pubs. Not bad and with a decent selection of beers.

On the journey we start the new Robert Galbraith book ‘Career of Evil’ on audio of course.

 (Sunday 20th March)

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