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Tuesday 15 March 2016

The Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March, mad physios and dogs who eat your ‘bag for life’.

Yes ‘Skoda’ has munch on a ‘bag for life’ and has also taken a chunk out of the duvet cover that was in the wash basket. This dog is supposed to be 14 years old not 14 weeks.

At lunchtime I go and get my leg almost amputated by some mad female. She’s doing the Ashby 20 on Sunday in preparation for the Manchester Marathon, that’s how nuts she is.

My calf hadn’t hurt for the last couple of days but now it does. She’s also told me that she never advocates complete rest, she said to stop being a wimp and start running again. Physios eh, none of them agree with each other. So I shall go and attempt a brief one legged pedal at the velodrome. Running is still out for today considering the state she has left me in.

She also showed me how to self-massage. She says she does it herself in front of the TV every night but her husband complains he has to turn the volume up to drown out her screams. Should be entertaining for the dogs, not that we’re talking to Skoda.

Dog training tonight and a pint in the Mason’s afterwards.

(Tuesday 15th March) 

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