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Tuesday 8 March 2016

Missing Kennels?

Back to normal, although it’s always odd going back to work on a Tuesday.

When I say normal, that doesn’t apply to Doggo. Who refused most of his breakfast, only having about three mouthfuls. He barely ate last night either, perhaps he’s missing kennels.

When I say normal, that doesn’t apply to L either. Who although she went for a swim like normal did so without her goggles. She says she had to swim 'like a girl' e.g. breaststroke with her head sticking out of the water. Those are her words, so please don’t complain to me about that potentially sexist remark.

Then again, respect is due because swimming like that is totally exhausting. I’m not sure these people realise how much easier front crawl is.

Then I go for my swim, with googles.

(Tuesday 8th March)

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