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Saturday 5 March 2016

Next Stop Paris

Today we get the Eurostar over to Paris. It proves to be a quick and relaxed service, once you get on the train. Checking in was total chaos, just like catching a flight... Serves us right for picking a Saturday I suppose.

Once in Paris we head straight to registration for the half marathon at Château de Vincennes where we need to collect our race numbers but first we have to have our medical certificates approved. So we join our second big queue of the day. This one is even longer and slower than the Eurostar one but eventually we are in.

They also hand out the race t-shirts although L gets a sexy girlie vest while I get the bog standard issue t-shirt. Not that a sexy girlie vest would suite me.

Then it’s time to find the hotel. This time the Holiday Inn has upgraded me and I have been given a bachelor pad (or suite as they call it). Which is nice, I suppose. It’s probably bigger than Daughter’s new flat is. Not that we’re really going to use any of it, as we’re only really interested in the bedroom.

We head out for a wholesome pasta meal but spoil the healthy façade with a couple of Pelforth Blondes. That’s as in beer, not a couple of local women to invite back to the suite.

Rather than hit the wine in the hotel bar, this time we’re on the coffee. For once the hotel room TV gets some use as the French are at least covering the cycling so we can keep in touch with what is happening back at the track championships.

(Saturday 5th March)

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