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Thursday 24 March 2016


They finally find those missing Ben Nevis climbers. What they don’t tell you is that there are still four other people missing in the area, three of which are from last year!

L is off lifting kettlebells tonight after which she is planning some serious nodding off. She says she’s ready for our nice relaxing holiday. Unfortunately we don’t do nice relaxing holidays.

In the evening my father, myself and around 10,000 others are at Pride Park Stadium for Shaun Barker’s testimonial game. Barker had a crippling knee injury in 2012 and hasn’t played since but being a Derby favourite he has been granted this testimonial game. Testimonials are a rare thing these days, mainly because no one stays at a club very long any more.

The game is between a current Derby County XI and a Shaun Barker Legends XI, basically oldies from the past. Typically it was a no contest with the current players storming into a 4-0 lead without even breaking sweat.

Then the Legends brought on three substitutes which changed the entire dynamic of the game because they didn’t take any one off. It’s amazing what a lack of space can do to the skills of the modern player.

Now goals began to fly in at both ends and the current team went in at half-time clinging onto an 8-6 lead. Exciting stuff.

So the legends upped the ante again and started the second half with sixteen players with one Derby player changing sides and another followed later. This all finally tipped the balance their way, along with an eleven year old being invited out on to the crowd to covert a penalty. By now I’m half expecting them to wave my father on to the pitch but sadly that doesn't happen. 

The Legends go on to win 10-9 with Barker playing 73 minutes for his own side, then the final 17 minutes for Derby and (naturally) scoring.

(Thursday 24th March)

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