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Wednesday 2 March 2016

In A Ditch

My rear tyre is flat when I get the bike out of the shed this morning but when I pump it up again it appears to want to stay inflated. Hmmm, dilemma. Will it stay up?

I give it a go and it makes it over half the way to work. It lasted until Borrowash and then I tried to fix it but neither of my spare tubes would inflate. I even borrowed someone else’s pump, thinking there was something wrong with mine but still no good. There must be a nail or something in the tyre or the rim but I can’t see anything. I ride to work on one wheel.

L will think I was in a ditch somewhere. Well, I was. Bike upside down in a ditch with me trying to fix it.

I get the bus home after work and we pick the bike up on the way to this evening’s dog class. Afterwards L and I meet up as usual for one in the Mason’s.

Today is the first day I’ve used the car since Leap Year Day and the really big news is that the car has got its day back. The clock is correct for the first time in four years.

(Wednesday 2nd March)

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