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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Clever Strategic Thinking

I’m still not on the bike, I think I’ll give the calf another day or so.

L swims and complains of canoodling in the pool. This debunks her theory that there’s usually only herself in the pool as this means it must have been busy, e.g. at least three of them. Sounds quite exciting, nothing like that happens when I go on a Monday night.

I go for a session on the Watt Bikes after work. The girl who exercises in her underwear is there again, this time pounding away on the treadmill. I’m beginning to think she’s a plant by the management to boost membership numbers and it is clearly working because its standing room only again at times. Then again the centre is council run and that would be very clever strategic thinking that they’re not normally known for.

L walks up to meet me off the bus home and then runs. As part of her plan to get fit for the Cardiff Half I am told I have to refuse all pleas for chocolate and Leffe. We share a bottle of wine in bed instead.

(Thursday 10th March)

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