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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Meet The Paper Boy?

I arrive at work to be greeted by news of the Brussels bombings. Terrible of course and I guess this means security is going to be tight at Heathrow next week when we fly out for skiing. Perhaps best get in the queue now.

I continue my training for the World Half Marathon Championships on Saturday with a mini lunchtime Duathlon. 2k run - 10k Watt Bike - 2k run. I wonder if Mo Farah is training this hard?

I meet up with my old school chum after work, just the two of us this time. I am intrigued by his latest new job which he hasn't divulged the details of yet. The way it’s been going, he’s probably become a paper boy or something.

Turns out I was close, sort of an odd job role. We have a couple of beers in the Brunswick and a couple in the Standing Order along with a nearly edible Wetherspoons meal in the form of some burritos that I’m sure weren’t on the menu before. 

(Tuesday 22nd March)

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