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Friday 6 January 2017

A Forest Of Sore Thumbs

I’m late for work again. It was not entirely my fault as someone had blocked the A52 but it didn’t help that I was two buses later than I should have been. Oddly we both tend to end up running late when we don’t get romantic in the mornings than when we do, as we both just fall back asleep. L has a term for that, old age.

I have another session with the bunnies tonight in the gym. Bunnies they certainly are and that’s just the blokes. The place is packed with New Year’s Resolutionists and they stand out like a forest of sore thumbs as it’s clear they don’t know what they should be doing. So mostly they’re just sitting there talking getting in everyone else’s way.

Still I manage 15k on the Watt Bike and then I’m met off the bus by L with the boys who escort me home for a Friday night. 

(Friday 6th January)

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