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Monday 23 January 2017

Dietary Travails

I have time to join the boys and girl on the park this morning as I’m in the car today.

Afterwards though Doggo barely looked at his breakfast and even spat out a compensatory biscuit before heading off to sulk on his mat. By then MD had, of course, polished all of his own breakfast off. However the interesting tactic of washing out MD's now empty bowl before putting a handful of MD's food in it, drizzled with a little water and placed in front of Doggo provokes an appetite rethink. Doggo eats the whole lot and a biscuit. Such a frustrating creature.

The problem is that now poor old MD thinks Doggo has been fed twice. He does think he’s being hard done by sometimes as we struggle with Doggo’s dietary travails.

L has joined the all singing all dancing all cheaper Puregym in Beeston and heads over there this evening for a class. While she has a wild time there I sort out something hot, healthy and athletic to put on the table for us for when she gets home.

Talking of things on the table, Doggo's breakfast bowl is still sat there full of food which he now gets again for tea and which he eats this time with only a little bit of MD's food sprinkled on top. Bizarre. 

(Monday 23rd January)

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