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Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Old Impetuous Days

It was very nice to get back on the bike today and also to hit the pub for lunch where I add another new beer to the trail, Flipside Chocolate Penny.

It’s not quite as nice when I snap the front dérailleur cable on the way home which means only half as many gears to play with.

L has a consultation on her back with her boss who diagnoses a facet problem, whatever that is, and suggests she sees a physio. Whatever it takes, we need to get her sorted.

Despite her dodgy back L is looking for a half marathon training plan, one that doesn’t centre around 30 minutes runs, long weekend runs of up to 4 miles and a bacon butty. A tad too gentle perhaps although I added the last bit.

I send her one that’s a little bit more interesting and demanding. I also offer to run with her tonight, if she doesn’t mind the company. She agrees and it appears we have a date.

We do a short-ish run into Wollaton, around the Admiral Rodney and back. It’s a loop we’ve done many a time in the past, in the old impetuous days. After which we’d end up first in bed and then in the pub before I sent her home to relive her babysitter so that I could order a sneaky takeaway curry. Those were the days... but obviously things have changed for the better. 

(Wednesday 18th January)

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