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Tuesday 17 January 2017

Think Of A Number

Back at work today rather than strolling along some soggy valley or other, dogs ambling at our feet. L can't wait to be a pensioner but from what I could see they seem to spend more time partaking of coffee shops than ambling. Just like us I suppose, perhaps we'll make good OAPs.

That said L did agree, over the weekend, to walk the Coast to Coast with me. All we need is a decent off-road wheelbarrow to transport Doggo in.

It’s think of a number time as another one has fallen off the book pile. If this rate of attrition can be continued we’ll have a free spare room in no time at all. I go for number 19 which apparently turns out to be about King Alfred the Great. L seems thrilled with that. I just hope she isn’t rigging the list but then as she says they are all, in theory anyway, books she’s bought that she wants to read.

Back at dog training tonight followed by a pint of Wainwrights in the Masons which I missed out on in the Lakes at the weekend. Deliberately of course.

(Tuesday 17th January)

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