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Tuesday 3 January 2017

The Training Side Of Everything

Back at work today and back into our routines. e.g. Doggo hoovering up all the deer droppings on his walk and L attempting not to lose MD’s ball on a near dark park. Despite being full of said deer droppings, Doggo does eat a full bowl of breakfast for once. I thought the potatoes and rice I put on top might persuade him to make the effort.

L spends part of her day moving her office furniture around in lieu of some new stuff arriving tomorrow which sounds like an excellent workout. I do like to see the training side of everything, I just hope her dodgy back is holding up.

Later at dog training all the sessions are running twenty minutes late because those in the first class at 7pm, who get the equipment out, couldn’t get everything set up very quickly because there were no men there to do the heavy lifting, just seven women. How sexist is that?

When I arrive later I propose to them that as we don't have many men in the club we should offer half price membership to men to encourage more of them to join. That didn't go down well and would apparently be sexist.

Then it’s to the Masons where I meet L and Brian. Brian is a new beer from Black Sheep.

(Tuesday 3rd January)

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