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Tuesday 31 January 2017

Back On It

It’s not cold although it is a bit damp on the bike this morning but it was very good to get back on it. L’s in the pool proclaiming it’s good to get back in it.

Daughter meanwhile is on the train and heading over to Nottingham for two interviews, one today and one tomorrow before heading back to Manchester for another one on Friday. She seems to be packing the interviews in again which is good. Fingers crossed again.

We have a Tuesday lunchtime pub trip today as my colleague is off the rest of the week and he doesn’t work Monday’s either, so it’s a very short week for him. Unfortunately the kitchen was closed at the Brunswick for a two week refurbishment. Nice of them to tell us. Instead they had a big vat of beef stew on the bar which was very good but more of a child portion than a proper meal.

Having switched back to my old computer at home, that one now doesn’t work either. Is this some kind of curse?

It’s took me a while to work what week we’re on at dog training as each week has a different trainer and different attendees. Oddly today is week five and tomorrow is week one. This means I do not officially have a session this week but have two the following week. However I manage to bring next Tuesday’s one forwards as there was a cancellation this week. If even I’m confused then it’s going to be carnage at training with people turning up in the wrong week.

Afterwards it’s good old Wainwrights in Masons. Meanwhile Derby win 3-0 at Ipswich.

(Tuesday 31st January)

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