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Thursday 5 January 2017

Number 71

L’s unread book pile is now ‘down’ to 127 and I get the honour of picking the next one to be read. They have all been catalogued and numbered (very OCD). I go number 71. Which is apparently chic lit but then a lot of them probably are. 

Then I hear there is secret undocumented number 128, ‘British Politics’, which has been removed from the list in case it got selected. Russian hackers are rumoured to be behind it.

I go to the gym and put in 15k on the Watt Bike. Then its home to not chuck balls, that is unless they are very gentle ball rolls, as MD is injured. MD of course disagrees with this and to be fair his hobble does seem to be rapidly decreasing, so hopefully he will be fit for Saturday.

(Thursday 5th January)

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