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Thursday 12 January 2017

Imagine The Outcry

I was seriously mislead by the weather report this morning and I should really have cycled to work. In the end there is no wind, no rain, it is relatively warm and there isn't the fog that there was yesterday. L says they could even see the ball on the park.

What makes the decision worse is that the A52 was shut and the bus had to detour, so I end up thirty minutes late for work.

After the pre-Christmas break, the Christmas break and the post-Christmas break I was hoping to return to squash tonight but no, it's off again. My opponent says he has only managed 2k of his New Year running programme, so he doesn’t deem himself fit enough to play again yet. Of course playing would get him fit but he also might lose which is more important obviously.

So I head off to the gym for a rather predictable (but enjoyable) pedalling session. I suppose I could have instead gone for a ground breaking session on the elliptical trainer where apparently you can watch a film of where you are virtually ellipticalling (or whatever the phrase is) but I wouldn’t know how to work it.

The gym is still chock full of the sort of people you don’t normally see in there and I would say its standing room only in the changing rooms as well but there isn’t even room for that. Although it would help if they removed the cleaner. Quite why they need to clean at 6pm when it’s at its busiest I have no idea.

It was a female cleaner as well, despite the fact there were about twenty blokes in there in various stages of undress heading in and out of the showers. Can you imagine the outcry, the newspaper inches and the TV news coverage if there was a male cleaner in the female changing rooms?

The woman gets a few disparaging looks but nobody really gives a damn and just carries on as normal, naked or not, while she just carries on cleaning, showing no signs of being in any sort of hurry.

(Thursday 12th January)

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