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Tuesday 10 January 2017

The Light Of Day

I am down in London for work today and we are going on the train. Which is a real novelty for my company. First I have to drive to work where I park before being picked up by my boss who drives the 400 metres or so to the station and then pays to park in their car park. I find that odd but I realise most people wouldn’t.

We are visiting two waste processing plants in London. Oh the high life I lead but I suppose I should be grateful as it’s very rare they let me see the light of day outside the office at all. I am handed a hard hat and a yellow jacket to go with the boots I’ve been told to wear. Health and Safety you know.

The first visit goes well and then we get a lift to the second one where we are served a decent lunch before the second visit which also goes well. So well in fact that we don’t have to wait for the 5pm train and get an earlier one back as my boss had booked an open ticket without realising. Consequently I am actually back in Derby before 5pm.

Whilst I am in London I find out that both L and I have got Great North Run places in the Times ballot. ‘Oh bloody hell’ says L. This wasn’t the plan you see. The plan was that if both of us entered the ballot we’d have double the chance of getting a place. Then if L had got one and I hadn’t she’d have gifted it to me.

She says she might have to go for a run tonight. Yes, lots of races to train for now.

(Tuesday 10th January)

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