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Friday, 13 January 2017

Short Skirt Weather

We are off for a short break in the Lakes this evening. L has the whole day off and uses the time to get a haircut, which is always a sad occasion, before finishing packing the car which I had started earlier.

Then after checking whether I have any last requests on the packing front, I do but apparently it’s not short skirt weather, she heads off to pick me up from work. She may not have packed for the eventuality of  short skirt weather but I think she’s covered every other possible eventuality as the car is practically listing to one side. I joke, of course. It's just the book pile.

We are staying in a cottage in Chapel Stile for the first time in quite a while. Yes, we not camping.Quite a few people are struggling to get their heads round this such is our reputation.

We get there in enough time to have a few beers in the Wainwrights Inn and I finally get to add Jennings' Sneck Lifter to my list.

(Friday 13th January)

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