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Monday 30 January 2017

All Hail The FA Cup

So the FA Cup is dead is it? Not in our office, we’ve been discussing it all this morning. Football is generally so boring these days and the FA Cup is a breath of free air.

The best two weekends of this season have been the 3rd and 4th rounds of the cup and I have been enthralled throughout both. Mostly I couldn’t care less what happens in the Premier League, a lot of the time I don’t even look for other results in our own division.

My friend who supports Leeds is incandescent this morning because their manager is an idiot, puts out the youth team and therefore loses to non-league Sutton United.

It is odd that managers seem to want to lose and I’ve really no idea why. Of course they make up excuses but no one believes them. Liverpool are now out, beaten by Wolves, but could have won the FA Cup. They are seriously dreaming if they think they can win the Premier League.

The supporters clearly don’t want to lose. Wolves took 8000 supporters to the game at Liverpool. They even put the commentary of Lincoln’s win over Brighton on at the dog show I was at on Saturday as there were a lot of Lincoln supporters there and of course us neutrals were interested too.

Talking of the club, I have a committee meeting tonight which is the first with our new committee. It goes well, lots gets done but it does go on rather too long. It is also the first one back at our old home of the Navigation in Shardlow, we just need to make sure we avoid the first Monday of each month which is open mic night and the second Monday of each month which is quiz night.

 (Monday 30th January)

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