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Friday 26 May 2017

Alien Attack

After two days cycling and one game of tennis, today I am resting on bus again. Hardly the elite athlete.

I am in need of extra rest from a lack of sleep due to what we can only assume was an alien attack. A constant ‘whooshing’ sound, like a hot air balloon lifting off disturbed L, MD and me. Dogging slept straight through obviously. Thankfully there are no signs of aliens on the bus. So they haven’t totally taken over, just yet.

L is having a day off today and ends up in the Scribblers. It's the daytime and she doesn’t even like the place! Apparently it’s next door to Daughter’s hairdressers and she’s only on diet coke. For a minute there I was worried she’d started the weekend without me.

(Friday 26th May)

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