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Wednesday 31 May 2017

Tarting Around

I’m on the bike today, so obviously I have a good start to the day. When I ask L how her day is so far, she replies ‘Ok, if you like dogs’. Which she obviously does. Sometimes.

I go for a pub lunch while L does a much healthier lunch time swim.

In the evening it’s dog training where Doggo overdoes it a touch with the tarting around. As it was hot they had the Arena door wide open and he obviously noticed that. So he was out of the boot in a flash and quickly doing his finest Linford Christie impression in an attempt to get inside to disrupt the class before I got chance to stop him. He's regretting it now, I think he’s pulled one of his ageing muscles.

I meet L in the Masons afterwards, where they still haven’t changed the beers. So I’m on the Pedigree again.

(Wednesday 31st May)

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