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Thursday 18 May 2017

Can’t Knock It, Never Tried It

In the car today, which is sort of tapering but I do have tennis later. This gives me time to walk Doggo as the youngsters have fun on the park.

L is quickly in touch to tell me about her day so far, chocolate for breakfast etc because she’s getting stressed at work and that's after all the time I spent on stress relief first thing this morning.

Hope she doesn’t drown herself at Aquarobics tonight. Yes, I know. Aquarobics? What’s that all about but I can’t knock it, never tried it. She tells me it’s a bit like bobbing up and down at the Outlaw Half swim warm up but without a bunch of over trained nutters and psychos about to mow you down and in nice clean warm water with the added security of a life jacket. 

I could have done with that life jacket myself as we indulge in some comedy tennis in the rain. It is odd that we are the only one’s still playing as the threatened drizzle proves more resilient than expected. When we try and move into the dryness of the empty ‘bubble’ courts we suddenly find them fully booked. Funny that.

We manage two sets then dry out in the Victoria. L is delayed trying to join us when her tram is stopped so that they can arrest someone. I’m on my second pint by the time she arrives, not that this is a problem.

(Thursday 18th May)

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