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Friday 5 May 2017


On the bike today.

Doggo is playing us for fools with his eating habits these days. This morning he mopped his bowl clean but then rice and potatoes does tend to hit the spot. Well, anything that's not dog food basically. We'll probably be the same at that age.

After some stags are rescued from the main road having escaped Wollaton Park, I have to check with L that they weren’t given a helping hand in escaping from MD. Apparently he’s blameless.

L goes to physio but it was very brief. The way things are going the NHS will be doing it all online soon to save time. She now has even more stretches to do but has been told not to stop any exercise although she didn't own up to running and having the Thunder Run looming. 

At lunch I palm my last old fiver off on Greggs.

Tonight’s Friday night is followed by curry and wine. My kind of evening.

(Friday 5th May)

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